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There are many exciting places to visit in Hargeisa. The entire region is a tourist heaven. And our Hotel serves as a gateway to all these interesting hotspots.


Barbara beach
Beach at Barbara

Barbara's beach: pristine sands, azure waves, and serene coastal bliss.

Ancient rock art oasis, vibrant depictions, Somalia's hidden gem, preserving prehistoric masterpieces, connecting us to our past. 
Local Market
reflecting cultural richness, and fostering community connections and exchanges.



Tourist places

Saryan Museum

Showcasing rich Somali heritage and artistic expressions.

Hargeisa war memorial
War Memorial

Silent tribute, engraved history, honoring sacrifice, a solemn reminder of valor and bravery in the face of adversity.

Livestock Market
Vibrant livestock market in Hargeisa, bustling with trade and cultural vitality.
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Wadada Madax-Tooyada Hargeisa TG, Somaliland

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